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Johnston GALLERY.

We are a Contemporary Art Gallery & Exhibition Space in Brisbane, Queensland.

We Work Hand in Hand With Artists

At Johnston Gallery, we represent established and emerging contemporary Australian artists. The gallery offers assistance and advice in the installation, conservation, framing, storage, valuation and transportation of artworks. The gallery further advises on building and managing corporate and private collections. We belong to Australian Commercial Galleries Association.

We work hand in hand with artists to achieve an active and vibrant calendar filled with fairs, events, and exhibitions. We provide both physical and online exhibition space and support senior, mid-career, and emerging artists in Australia and beyond, focusing on the visibility of their works in the contemporary art field.

Our Services


Johnston Gallery works with various contemporary artists both in Australia and beyond and partners with them in different ways from exhibiting their works at various events and also providing them with the exposure that their works deserve. We have worked with several artists in the past and remain committed to the growth of Australian contemporary art. We especially work with emerging and brilliant contemporary artists.


We have a physical and online space where art can meet the audience, and we organise various types of art exhibitions annually. Our exhibitions represent brilliant opportunities for you to see the best and latest in Australian contemporary art. Apart from the special exhibitions, you can always visit our physical gallery or online space anytime and immerse yourself in the finest of Australian contemporary arts.

Indigenous Art history

The indigenous people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, have inhabited the Australian continent for thousands of years. Within this period, they have created artworks that are considered to be one of the oldest. Aboriginal art goes as far back as over 20,00 years ago, and today, many of these artworks are being discovered by archaeologists.


Are you an art enthusiast with interest in amassing a diverse collection of contemporary artworks or perhaps you are just looking for that one piece that will capture your fancy? We have fantastic artworks available in our stockroom, many of which have been on exhibition in the past. These are art pieces from talented Australian artists with masterful brushstroke capturing the ideas of the artist in the most surreal manner. What makes arts fascinating is its ability to soothe the mind while also raising questions from the mundane to the deeply philosophical in the mind of the audience. We have artworks capable of achieving this, and they are for sale.


Australia is an artistic nation where creativity and mastery are celebrated with awards; we look at some of the awards.

Rent Exhibition Space

Are you planning to have an exhibition or any art-themed event? You can rent our exhibition space.